Smokey just wanted to be an astronaut and he was focused on that goal. Then Kat saw him and determined to have him. Classically, Kat chased him mercilessly until he caught her. When Smokey fell, he fell hard.

Smokey Story 1 - 01-19-15_7-12 PM-2T

Their relationship was a blast,

Smokey Story 2 - 02-03-15_2-45 AM

but Kat was in it for the chase and got bored quickly once she knew he was hers. It was fun, but time to move on. So long, Smokey.

Smokey Story 3 - 02-03-15_5-07 AM

“Well, that sucked. Drown in work, just focus on something else.”

Smokey Story 4 - 03-12-15_10-17 PM

Then along came Del, an angel for sure. The way she looked, the way she laughed, the way she made Smokey feel.

Smokey Story 5 - 03-08-15_3-29 AM

He knew she was The One, he had to have her, but what to do? He was ready but she wasn’t and told him no the first time he asked.

Smokey Story 6 - 03-08-15_3-37 AM

Smokey wasn’t going to let her get away, he built up his courage and kept on trying, determined to make her love him as much as he loved her. Then, finally, she said yes!

Smokey Story 7 - 03-09-15_3-01 PM

Smokey’s heart was on the moon! Del was the love of his life, all the other women vanished, she was the only woman in his world.

Smokey Story 8 - 03-09-15_3-02 PM

Then Del met Smokey’s younger brother, Jake. That’s when it all started to fall apart. Jake was buff, tan and beautiful, plus, he wasn’t gone off to work all the time like Smokey.

03-01-15_2-45 AM-2

Bad situation… for Smokey. Jake became a permanent fixture around Smokey and Del’s home, he and Del quickly became good friends. “It’s just friendly, a casual friendship,” Smokey reasoned, “Everyone needs friends.”

03-02-15_9-50 AM

03-02-15_9-47 AM-2

Oh, no! Smokey had been here before, he understood the look in her eyes and knew what she was going to say before she said a word. He knew Jake was spending way too much time visiting when Smokey was at work for it to be casual, he’d just denied what was obvious. He didn’t just love Del, he loved his brother, too.

Smokey Story 9 - 03-09-15_3-29 PM-2

Is there a woman in the world Smokey can trust? He can’t seem to get past the anger! “Fool me twice, shame on me!” he growled, “Not going there again!”

Smokey Story 10 - 03-12-15_10-08 PM-2

So, what now? Perhaps a whole new direction. Smokey had always wanted to be a musician, maybe immersing himself in music would get rid of some of his anger.

Smokey Story 11 - 03-13-15_5-53 AM

There are downsides to music, it speaks in the language of the soul. His loneliness and sense of betrayal came out in his music and reinforced his prison of solitude. “The only thing worse than being alone is being with someone you know doesn’t love you.”

Smokey Story 13 - 03-16-15_4-00 PM-2

“It’s better just staying away from women all together. Del was it for me, I didn’t know I could love like that. Why can’t I let her go? She sure let me go fast enough!”

Smokey Story 12 - 03-16-15_3-57 PM-2

Sometimes we’re alone as a result of self-preservation, we’ve reached our full mark and just can’t take any more. Some of us were meant to be loners.

Smokey Story 14 - 03-16-15_11-08 PM

The end? I hope not, for Smokey’s sake.