Summer sings sweet songs to me,
I listen, oh, so blissfully,
As children learn that they are free,
Somehow, so do I.

Caring conquers cold ennui,
As summer blooms elatedly,
While grasping at the mystery
Summer’s songs imply.

Thunder thrums the threat of rain,
Drops drum out a soft refrain,
Trees hiss whispers to explain
Their worship of the sky.

Heated heart holds hollow pain
As lightning splits the clouds insane,
Flashing mad to claim domain
With Heaven’s battlecry.

Water’s wash, where wind-swept road
Dips in ruts from a heavy load,
Digs out dirt, to wild erode
The dust left too long dry.

Racing wrens read raindrops’ code,
As overhead the skies explode,
While rushing wind-gusts push and goad,
The world goes dancing by.

Bowing bamboo bends to pray,
Humbled by Nature’s grand display;
I know I’ve lived to live this day
At heart of Heaven’s sigh.

Grandest God gave gift to me
Of summer’s joyous revelry,
Played out for Heaven and all to see
Before we fleeting die.

Thank you, God, for all of this,
For Nature’s joy and summer’s bliss,
For grandeur of Your Heavens’ kiss,
Beneath Your watchful eye.

by – SFWhite

Jesus is my Lord