Only One Choice


Who is the sunshine? Who is the lamp?
Who is the beacon through night?
Who is the voice who whispers the Truth?
Who is the one who is right?

Who is the walker? Who is the road?
Who is the sturdy soled shoe?
Who is the herald who beckons the Light?
Who is the Song? Tell me, who?

I am the hammer, I am the forge,
I am the coals glowing bright;
I am the heartbeat, I am the head,
I am the song in the night;

I am the loved one, I am the joy,
I am the rapture of thought;
I am the hoped for, I am the dream,
I am the one who has bought.

Give me your anguish, give me your doubt,
Give me your weakness and dread;
Give me your sorrows, give me your hate,
Give me your crown for my head;

Give me your failings, give me your thirst,
Give me your credos of doom;
Give me your blindness, give me your pride,
Give me your sin, I have room.

I am the sought for, I am the found,
I am the Rod Who Won’t Bend;
I am the Always, I am The Way,
I am the Bright Journey’s End.

by – SFWhite

Jesus is my Lord