Shadows 1


Shadows on the wall, dancing, mutable,
Spawned by fire, flickering, irrefutable
Presence, untouching, yet shaping
Dancers contorted, no hope of escaping
As fire cavorted, in consuming blaze,
Singular, yet owning all in its gaze.

Slavishly shadows, dancing as bid,
Enveloping furrows, now showing, now hid,
Unable to touch, unable to feel,
Hopeless, as such, to claim what is real,
As they cover it, mourning what they’ll never own,
Doomed to discover it by the light from fire’s throne.

Shrinking and growing, as the firelight might choose,
Never enterprising, merely shadowy ruse
Of standing solidity, ‘tween firelight and wall,
Knowing fire and reality lay claim to them all.
Even though their dance looms, a darkening show,
Raging fire consumes all the life they will know.