Growing Up Stupid. So much to learn, so little time.

About myself… okay… here goes:

How you grew up, I can’t say, but I grew up in a bubble of security that, if you were an American, you loved America. Boy! Was I ever wrong! It seems there are a lot of Americans who not only don’t love this great country, they apparently hate it and want to destroy it and everything that built it. That knowledge makes me rather angry, at them, of course, but particularly at myself, at my monumental naivete.

Strange, I truly thought I was paying attention. Forty years ago I saw everything turning upside down and fretted over it, but had no idea what I could do to fix what I saw. Back then I lived the life I was trained to live, the same life most of us were trained to live until very recently, the “What can one person do?” life. Well, one person can at least raise their voice against the wrongs they see, find others who feel as they do and join voices. But to be effective, you need knowledge.

So much to learn, so little time.